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Located in Walnut Creek, California and serving clients in the Greater Bay Area.  Established by David Nissim and Frank Gavidia, CFP®,  our firm brings significant experience to a complex investment environment and an ever-changing landscape for clients to achieve their financial goals.  As fiduciaries, we will always act in the best interest of our clients.

Our services
Our core services are Financial Planning and Portfolio Management. The majority of our clients engage our firm for both services. While it is not required, the value of a solid financial plan designed by a CFP® Professional and a seasoned portfolio manager overseeing the investment portfolio is clear.

Financial Planning

There is no substitute for an in depth Comprehensive Financial Plan. Learn more about what constitutes a Comprehensive Financial Plan.

Portfolio Management

Managing an investment portfolio requires time, patience and controlling emotions during turbulent times.
Our Practice Areas

Clients have particular needs that we focus on.  Our firm has wide capabilities to help you with many complex issues ranging from stock options analysis to insurance planning.  Our focus on these practice areas is a result of what our clients frequently ask for.  As other practice areas become more requested, we will add more information here.

Retirement Planning

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Developing a Comprehensive Financial Plan takes time.  Nissim & Gavidia Wealth Management & Financial Planning, LLC uses a powerful tool called eMoney to build complete plans for clients who engage our planning services.  The process involves gathering information about family, employment, assets, liabilities, risk exposure, taxes and estate wishes.

After thorough analysis, we develop recommendations.  In some instances, a client will need to engage other professionals for the purposes of implementing some of those recommendations, such as obtaining a trust or perhaps a long term care policy.  We continually monitor your plan for changes or potential issues that could impact the success of your plan.  Monitoring the plan is by far the most important part of what we do.

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Financial Advisor Presenting Plan

Retirement Planning

Not too long ago, retirement in America was simple.  A factory worker put in 20 years at the plant and retired with a predictable pension, Social Security benefits and perhaps life time health care benefits.  Over the last few decades, pensions have gone the way of the horse drawn carriage and retirement planning has become the responsibility of the employee.  Instead of pensions (or defined benefit plans) now a choice of defined contribution plans populate the retirement landscape.  Unlike pensions, the employee bears risk and the responsibility to manage the investments.

An employee might have the ability to participate in a 401k, 403b, 457, or perhaps some other form of defined contribution plan.  In addition, there are both Traditional and Roth IRA’s for individuals and SEP’s for self employed individuals.  Recently, Roth 401k contributions have become available in for some employees.  After sorting through all these choices, there is still the need to determine how to invest the contributions that are made into any of these plans.  Understanding the benefits of all these choices is key to selecting how to best save for retirement.

Regardless of the choice of 401k, 403b, IRA, SEP, unlike a pension, in retirement it is the retiree’s responsibility to make the funds last over a 20 or 30 period.  Finding there is no money at the age of 70 is a frightening experience.  While we all wish we could roll back time to a simpler era of lifetime pensions, that simply won’t happen.  Working with a CFP® professional to navigate the choices, and a professional portfolio manager who oversees the investments can make a significant difference in retirement.

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Asked Questions

As simple as this question sounds, there are several variables to consider.  Lifestyle, health, longevity, cost of living where one retires all affect how much one will need in retirement.  To answer this question more accurately, it’s wise to work with a CFP® professional.  It all starts with developing a budget for retirement and examining one’s entire situation.

Many retirees find themselves needing to take Social Security benefits at the earliest age of 62 if they are retired.  If you are still working, there are consequences to taking those benefits before you reach Full Retirement Age or “FRA.”  Conversely, it may be advantageous to wait until age 70 to obtain the maximum benefit, if you are in a position where you don’t need your Social Security benefits.  We offer our clients in-depth analysis of their Social Security benefits so they can make the best decision.

We work closely with your family, attorney, CPA and other advisors, to insure in the event you are unable to manage your affairs, or in the unfortunate event of death, that your loved ones are not left in the dark.  We check with our clients consistently to make sure their documents such as powers of attorney or trusts are filed with us appropriately, as well as verifying beneficiaries on your accounts.

We are a fee only firm.  Our clients pay asset based fees or flat fees depending on the service we are providing.  We do not receive commissions from investment products, mutual funds or insurance companies.  We do not accept referral fees from any professionals we might refer you to such as trust attorneys or CPA’s.

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